Simpson Road Corridor Redevelopment Plan Project Management and Review

MXD was engaged by the Westside Public Development Authority (WPDA) to provide management oversight for the redevelopment plan being completed for the Simpson Road Corridor.

The Simpson Road corridor spans from Northside Drive to West Lake Avenue. This portion of the Study Area stretches for about 2.5 miles and goes one (1) block deep into the neighborhood on either side of the road. The first task in this process involved developing a request for proposal (RFP) and distributing it to potential consultants.

Input on the process was received from community residents, private corporations and the City 's planning, contract compliance and economic development departments.  Once this task was completed, we then developed the grading and selection procedure from which a design/planning consultant would be selected to complete the project. Again, a cross-section of individuals were selected to participate in this process representing both the public and private sectors in the various fields of expertise needed for completing the redevelopment plan.


We assisted the WPDA in contract negotiations with the design/planning team selected to complete the Simpson Road Corridor redevelopment plan. During the course of the project we: (i) reviewed work submitted by the planning/design team; (ii) attended project meetings, neighborhood workshops and public hearings; and, (iii) submitted periodic project updates to the WPDA.


In providing management oversight for the WPDA, we reviewed and made recommendations on the redevelopment analysis, safety analysis, physical improvements and economic development strategies presented by the planning/design team.