CPTED Review and Recommendations: Peoplestown Community Redevelopment Plan

MXD was engaged by the Corporation for Olympic Development in Atlanta (CODA) to perform a Crime PreventionThrough Environmental Design (CPTED)assessment for the Peoplestown neighborhood as part of its overall community redevelopment plan.

The CPTED assessment consisted of: (i) meetings over a 4 month period with residents, including leading the CPTED subcommittee which consisted of residents, local land owners and CODA Staff; (ii) an analysis of the current physical conditions in the neighborhood that contribute to crime and the perception of crime in the community; and, (iii) providing recommendations for improving these, conditions as well as the cost.


Recommendations were expressed as CPTED strategies, public policy and zoning changes. Standard street design elements were provided with an estimated cost for each.


Since CPTED's main goal is to assist in reducing the opportunity for a crime to occur by altering the physical environment. We also looked at the street patterns within and around the neighborhood. Using a computer based program, the street patterns were analyzed to look at the relative ease of pedestrian and traffic flow to:


(1) Verify the perception by residents and business owners that the neighborhood is too permeable;



(2) Determine if the existing street pattern are integrated or segregated and what they would be like if they were reconfigured.


Between the Task Force meetings and the on-the-ground analysis, we developed clear action plans for helping to reduce crime by improving the physical environment.