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The Strathmore Estates Apartment community, located in east Savannah and originally known as Josiah Tattnall Homes, was built in 1942 as “transportable” housing for Southeastern Shipbuilding Corporation workers who were constructing war ships used in World War II.

The development, which originally contained 750 housing units on approximately 101 acres of land, was built in less than a year. In the mid-1990s, long after this project was to have been demolished, the Board of Education purchased 57 acres and demolished 370 housing units to make way for Savannah High School.

In 2002 the remaining 44 acres containing 380 housing units were sold to investors who did little or nothing to improve the properly. While Strathmore was originally “workforce” housing and continues to house some life-long residents, its deteriorated condition has caused it to become a home place of last resort for very poor persons. It has also become a major crime and blight problem that is negatively impacting surrounding neighborhoods.

Proposed Redevelopment

The City and CHSA Development, Inc. intend to demolish the 380 unit Srathmore Estates apartment community in phases and create, in its place, a mixed-income, mixed-use, community with 600 to 650 units of family rental housing, senior housing and housing for purchase. The abandoned Pennsylvania Ave School is likely to become a community center providing early childhood development, after school and senior programs for new and existing area residents. Mercy Housing has been identified as a redevelopment partner.

Green Certifications Pursuing

•    Community Level: EarthCraft Communities
•    Multifamily: EarthCraft Multifamily, ENERGY STAR
•    Single Family: EarthCraft House, ENERGY STAR
•    Commercial Components: LEED-NC

Southface Support:

•    Energy modeling for all residential components
•    EarthCraft Multifamily verification and certification
•    LEED for Homes verification and administration
•    ENERGY STAR verification and certification
•    EarthCraft House verification and certification
•    LEED-ND technical support and assistance
•    Development team charrette

Strathmore Estates - Southface Energy Institute