CPTED Review: Jordan Park/Wildwood Heights Community Redevelopment

MXD conducted a photo analysis of the site area and surrounding community. The review served as the basis for the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design(CPTED) review.

This analysis looked at the following elements of the site and the surrounding neighborhood: walkways/sidewalks,landscaping, parking, lighting, trash, play areas, infrastructure and site/land use. We looked at the general community character as well as the community edges. We made an assessment of each residential and commercial building type from their structure the condition of the site and the neighborhood.


We worked closely with law enforcement and the community residents to help us identify crime generators and ''out of area" offenders. As with other CPTED projects involving public housing sites, police had a difficult time responding to calls because the site layout did not carry logical street address numbering. In addition, perimeter fencing restricted police access by automobile and on foot.


The computer modeling used for this public housing site and the surrounding community helped to confirm the problems of poor site access for police and residents. The results obtained from the computer and the on-the-ground analyses was used to recommend continuing the street grid system through the public housing site. This site layout would help to reestablish the natural street pattern.


This design recommendation was praised by local police because it would help them respond to calls more effectively. Replacing the public housing buildings with single family detached housing would also help remove the stigma associated with the existing public housing site. Since St. Petersburg is one of a number of Florida cities actively involved in implementing CPTED strategies, we are sure that the observations and recommendations provided in the analysis will be carried forward by the St.Petersburg Housing Authority.