CPTED: Research Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Architecture

Mr. Nkosi analyzed crime patterns in three mixed land use neighborhoods in the City of Atlanta. The neighborhoods under Analysis are:

(1) Garden Hills, Buckhead

(2) M.L.K., Jr. Historic District

(3) Virginia Highlands

Phase One of his research involves looking at the land use patterns and the location of "crimes of confrontation" in the Garden Hills area.

He utilized multiple computer programs to aid in the research. Two of these program are directly related to urban analysis. The first one is a "SpaceSyntax" program developed at the University of London in the mid-1980's by Dr. Bill Hillier and the second program is a "Geographic InformationSystem'' (G.l.S .) software (see Figure 2).

The first program represented by Figure 1 is used to analyze the relationships of movement networks of people.  The lines generated by the computer program represent varying degrees of intensity of connections of pathways. Red Lines being the most connected thus most likely traveled; and Violet Lines being the least connected, thus most segregated/isolated and least traveled.

The G.l.S. program is being used to map the actual locations of reported crime over a four year period (1990 - 1993).

Approximately 6,000 incidences of "crimes of confrontation" were being mapped across the three neighborhoods and analyzed.The relationship to land use type and crime type was the central focus of the analysis.