KING MANOR: Multi-family Residential Development - Peoplestown Revitalization Corp. and Integral Group

As part of the architectural team for this residential development, MXD's role was to provide the team with an urban design;analysis of various design schemes. One of the tools we used was a computer program developed at the University of London by Dr.Bill Hillier et. al.  The program was used to help us study the potential movement patterns of people on and around the site.There were several important factors in the analysis:

(1) The relationship of the dwelling layout to the street;


(2) The relationship of the dwelling layout to the site internally; and,


(3) The identification of potential isolated pockets and least traveled areas.  All three factors had implications for safety, the residents and for the areas surrounding the development.


We analyzed three design schemes to assist those involved in making a more informed decision on the best scheme for•the future residents.  Decisions based on good urban design practices as well as sound economic considerations.


The lines generated by the computer program represent varying degrees of intensity of connections of pathways. Red lines being the most connected thus most likely traveled land Violet Lines being the least connected, thus most segregated and least traveled.