Woodstock Downtown - Hedgewood Homes

P.D. Sessions
Hedgewood Homes
Woodstock Downtown
Woodstock, Georgia
32 Acres-Town Center Redevelopment and Infill
Mixed use, Mixed Income, Green Community
70 SFD, 179 TH, 130 Flats
85,000 sf Commercial

Woodstock Downtown, developed and built by Hedgewood, is designed within the guiding principals of the Woodstock Livable Centers Initiative (an Atlanta Regional Commission planning grant program) which encourages local jurisdictions to plan and implement strategies that link transportation and land use to create sustainable, livable communities.

Working with a public process based on a common community vision we were able to connect people, incorporate shared values and build long term relationships. Together we worked with citizens, public and regulatory officials, community leaders, planners and the local business community to design a neighborhood that includes the following:

•    Community participation
•    Main Street redevelopment
•    Balance between the built and the natural environment
•    Unique Community identity preservation and enhancement
•    Increased mobility and connectivity
•    Context sensitive design integrated with adjacent land use
•    Mixed use and mixed income products in a compact development design
•    Adaptive reuse of existing buildings
•    100% EarthCraft House construction and LEED for homes pilot home
•    Creative financing through public private partnerships and creation of Tax Allocation District Woodstock

Downtown has been recognized as a development of excellence by the Atlanta Regional Commission and by The Congress for New Urbanism in an international competition.


Woodstock Downtown - Hedgewood Homes