Grove Park - Street Smarts

Jay Scott, ASLA
Street Smarts

Grove Park
Cartersville, Georgia

•    Approximately 50 acres near schools and major park/recreation facility
•    First mixed use, smaller lot development in Cartersville – required zoning revisions and extensive public involvement. Commercial area is first within walking distance of surrounding neighborhoods and schools.

Cartersville is the county seat for Bartow County, and approximately 40 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta. In 2000, Cartersville had approximately 16,000 residents, making is somewhat smaller than Anytown, but still facing many of the same issues.

Grove Park was the first mixed use, small lot development in the city (or county), so it required extensive public involvement and modifications to the zoning code before it could be built. It is located between large lot subdivisions, near schools, across from a 100-acre community park and at the intersection of two significant roads. The site also had poor drainage, created by a lack of stormwater management by the neighboring developments and a road culvert installed too high to drain properly.

Grove Park - Street Smarts