Mapping and Database of Projects Impact Olympic Corridor & Six Olympic Neighborhoods - The MXD Collaborative, Inc.

The Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, Inc. (ANDP), The Corporation for Olympic Development in Atlanta (CODA) and the Housing Department for the City of Atlanta jointly funded an effort to engage MXD to provide their offices with an analysis and database of all development activity in the six (6) Atlanta “Olympic Ring neighborhoods” -

• Atlanta University Center

• M. L. King, Jr. Historic District

• Mechanicsville

• Peoplestown

• Summerhill

• Vine City


- impacted by the Summer Olympic Games held in Atlanta. 


MXD mapped on a wall size (7ft by 7ft) map for data collection, public meetings, and presentation. MXD also setup a database of the projects for every (approximately 100) known project from renovations to new construction to street improvements to identify the “gaps” in the planning and construction process along the Olympic Corridors. This effort assisted all concerned stakeholders to fill “projects gaps” before the opening of the Summer Olympic games. 


This project required us to gather data and maintain a database from:


(1)  Each of the six neighborhood community development corporations (CDCs), 

(2)  The City of Atlanta* 

(3)  CODA, 

(4)  Georgia Department of Transportation (D.O.T), 

(5)  Fulton County, and 

(6)  Private organizations such as the Georgia Pacific Corporation, (NationsBank [Bank of America] 


Community Development Corporation (CDC), and the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG).


This mapping and project analysis of more than $250 million in development projects have given MXD added insight and unparalleled experience in working with, and gathering data from public, private and non-profit organizations.


* Thanks to the MXD analysis process we revealed thus help stop a previously undetected unauthorized pending sale of a prime parcel of land owned by the City of Atlanta across the street from what would be the Olympic Stadium.