leadership & organization

Sometimes one has to serve in order to lead. Sometimes leadership comes from the middle or from behind. 

The approach to leadership under the Leadership & Organization Rubric is based on a “servant leadership” model. 

One that embraces soft and smart power over hard power.  This translates into several principles: “suspend judgement,” “meet people where they are not where we think they should be” and to “respond not react.” 

These principles not only guide the work of the Studio members, but also shape all aspects of internal and external communication and engagement. 

Thus, the Leadership & Organization Studio strives to help first, second and third generation leaders sharpen their listening skills and powers of determining their “leadership legend(s)” (i.e., Team Builder; Talent Scout; Visionary; Risk Taker; Bridge Builder; Door Opener; and/or Task Master).

This Liquid Studios approach to identifying ones “leadership legend” and their underlying principles, helps one become a better communicator and increases ones ability to move an agenda forward.

leadership & organization