Liquid Studios is a collaborative of a dynamic and diverse group of practitioners and intellectuals (practellectuals) comprised of architects, planners, attorneys, financial-bankers, real estate professionals, housing developers, civic engineers, marketing and communications experts, facilitators, strategic planners, curriculum developers, adult educators, evaluators, transportation engineers, public health experts, environmental safety experts and community organizers located across the country (see map of Studio member locations).

The Studios are composed of nationally renowned experts, Next Generation, Mid-Career, Bridge, Encore and Emeritus professionals*.  The network reach of the members and their collective numbers allows Liquid Studios to work on multiple sites simultaneously.  

Additionally, the underlying core philosophy is building local talent because we understand the “culture code” of places. Thus, we strive to lift up local talent that helps spark and sustain local innovations by matching existing and emerging local talent with seasoned Studio members. This approach leaves implementers in place after our initial work is done. We refer to this transfer of knowledge and skill as part of our “Butterfly Imperative." This imperative aims to make the case for transferring national knowledge and resources to local experts and organizations across a path that is reasonable, manageable and sustainable.


*Career Stages Defined:

(1) Next Generation Professional - less than or equal to 12 years post college

(2) Mid-Career Professional - between 13 and 24 years post college

(3) Bridge Professional - between 25 and 37 years post college

(4) Encore Professional - between 38 to 49 years post college

(5) Emeritus Professional - equal to or more than 50 years post college

(See career stage spectrum below each Expert's summary)