Emmett Shaffer, LPC, Ed.D

Emmett joined The University of Georgia’s Fanning Institute in May of 2011 and serves as the Vice President of Business Development and Marketing for the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement (GLISI).  Emmett works with school superintendents to match GLISI’s resources to support the systemic leadership development needs of school districts within the state of Georgia and heads GLISI’s marketing efforts statewide.

Earlier in his career, Emmett served as principal of a middle school. After not making Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in 2003, he led the school to successfully making AYP with a significant decrease in CRCT failure rates in all subject areas for African American and economically disadvantaged  subgroups. This achievement  is  of particular interest for school systems across the United States as these subgroups continue to underperform in comparison to other subgroups.

Prior to his current role with Fanning, Emmett held numerous leadership roles with Fulton  County  Schools  –  including  serving  as  an  Area  Superintendent.    As  an executive director of school counseling, social work, and graduation coaches, Emmett secured a $50,000 grant for professional development of the school system’s graduation coaches. This grant allowed the district’s graduation coaches to receive best practice professional development focusing on improving the graduation rate for the school system which in turn led consistent increases in their graduation rate.

Additionally, while working in a higher education setting, Emmett developed and implemented programs to support the transition of high school seniors to a college environment, including college campus visits, collaboration with high school counselors, weekend on-campus activities, and classroom visits. After the implementation of these programs Atlanta Metropolitan College realized an increase in its freshmen enrollment. Emmett also worked in business and industry where he focused on process improvement and change management to increase efficiencies and outcomes.

While employed in business and industry, Emmett worked for two Fortune 500 companies and ranked first in sales within the district and third in the region in total gross sales having achieved 120 percent of gross sales and 168 percent of net sales goal for fiscal year 1992. He attributes his success to his ability to work with clients to design  innovative  and  creative  strategies  which  address  the  client’s  needs  and increase sales margins and market share.

As a lifelong learner, Emmett received his BBA in Business, magna cum laude, from National University in San Diego, California.  He earned his M.S. degree in Counselor Education from San Diego State University and his Ed.D. in School Improvement from the University of West Georgia.

Emmett Shaffer, LPC, Ed.D Vice President of Business Development & Marketing - GA Leadership Inst for School Improvement (GLISI)

Emmett Shaffer, LPC, Ed.D

Vice President of Business Development & Marketing - GA Leadership Inst for School Improvement (GLISI)

Athens, Georgia, United States

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