Dwayne Patterson

Dwayne Patterson is the Director and CEO of The Sixth Group (TSG).  He is a respected southern-based strategist with strong field-tested organizer experience.  He is a gifted speaker, activist and social entrepreneur born in New York with deep ancestral ties to the South.  After leading an intense and successful campaign as an undergraduate to secure a mandatory Black Studies program as a scholar activist at North Carolina A&T State University, Dwayne continued to utilize organizing as his primary tools for supporting collective change at both the organizational and community level.

Established in 2007, TSG provides facilitation, training and consultant services to business leaders, foundations and community organizations.  TSG also specializes in providing coaching to new as well as seasoned parents as they begin their journey of guiding, nurturing and loving the new addition to their families.  Dwayne currently leads a professional group of highly skilled consultants in the areas of program development and strategic grant-making coaching services for new and seasoned leaders and organizations. Each consultant has worked all over the United States and internationally in NGOs, non-profit, for-profit and the governmental sectors respectively. TSG also provides support and consulting services to non-profit organizations in the areas of meeting facilitation, fund raising development strategy, strategic visioning and program design. Dwayne is committed to leveraging his professional relationships to improve leadership.

Dwayne’s years of community service includes serving on the boards of the Fund for Southern Communities and the Latin American and Caribbean Community Center.  He has also played a central and pivotal design team role that resulted in the development and execution of new social change entities including the Social Justice Institute of the Southern Partners Fund, THINK/South East as well as the Latin American and Caribbean Community Center.  He is also committed to providing one-on-one counseling sessions to young men and boys of color to improve their quality of life in manhood.

Dwayne Holds a Bachelor of Science from North Carolina A&T State University.  With his many years of community service and activism, Dwayne is considered by his multi-generational peers to be the “living legacy” of the struggle for justice and equity, a legacy passed down to him by many transformational leaders of the 1960’s and 1970’s. 

TSG’s Core Belief System:

  1. Trust, respect and partnership are core principles tethered to our theory of change and the foundation upon which we build strong relationships.

  2. Respect is NOT negotiable, nor is it a bargaining chip.

  3. Healthy organizations require people at all levels that are “willing” to make maximum contribution to the vision and mission of the organization.

  4. Leaders of healthy organizations lead from the frontlines, middle and the rear.

  5. Leadership is on display by every member of a healthy organization every day.

  6. Our services are based on current research, national and international trends and ancient Eastern thought and philosophy.

  7. A learning environment develops individuals and organizations into leaders and is more sustainable than a punitive environment.

Dwayne Patterson Director and CEO of The Sixth Group (TSG)

Dwayne Patterson

Director and CEO of The Sixth Group (TSG)

East Point, Georgia, United States

Civic Engagement
Facilitation & Strategic Planning

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