Wayne R. Curtis

Wayne runs Curtis Concepts, LLC a consulting firm focusing on three separate, and frequently inter-related, business segments: Real Estate Advisory Services; Government and Industry Relations Advisory Services; and Events Production Services.  Curtis provides advisory services in economic development, strategy and policy; and government relations.

Curtis Concepts provides affordable top-level expertise to those not familiar with the workings of government, particularly at the federal level. The firm has worked for virtually every major City Government at one point or another and bring that experience to the Studios. CC, LLC provided supervisory and analytic support for a FDIC contractor for defaulted bank assessments in July 2009.

CC, LLC is working on a feasibility study for a major financial institution on creating a low-income focused consumer oriented financial institution in the Los Angeles market.

Wayne  R. Curtis President, Curtis Concepts, LLC

Wayne R. Curtis

President, Curtis Concepts, LLC

Washington, District of Columbia, United States

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