C. Frank Harscher

Mr. Harscher has specialized in multiple transportation projects during his 26-year career in both the public and private sectors.  During this period, his public focus has been primarily on transportation systems and project development, environmental resources, systemic and intermodal urban mobility, management of services, and public policy and economics.

He served as the first Director of the Georgia State Tollway Authority and as Executive Assistant Transportation Commissioner in Georgia.  Returning to his home State of Kentucky, he successively held the positions as Secretary of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Commissioner of Environmental Quality, and Executive Director of the State’s Turnpike Authority.  In the private sector, he has held major positions with several large national and international engineering firms, both in this country and abroad.

Frank has worked on passenger rail systems for the past eight years, particularly in the Atlanta region.  Urban Mobility Consult was the co-principal managers on the proposed Peachtree Corridor Streetcar Feasibility Study, which introduced that mode into the City’s choice of travel modes.  It proposed a 14.4-mile alignment tying West End with Buckhead, and included a Downtown Loop.

The study estimated development costs and compared these and other characteristics with alternative modes, estimated ridership, indicated station locations and possible vehicle storage areas, described funding sources, and examined other issues. They also were part of a team which addressed transportation short- and long-term needs in the Clifton Road corridor and nearby traffic generators.  That corridor serves such institutions as the three Emory University campuses, the Center for the Control and Prevention of Disease, Emory Hospital and Healthcare, the VA hospital, many nearby residences.  Four streetcar corridors were recommended, including linkages of Clifton Road generators of traffic to Decatur and the Lindbergh Center. 

He holds a BA in Management Science/Economics from the University of Georgia, and a masters in Economics from the University Kentucky School of Diplomacy and International Commerce.

C. Frank Harscher Partner, Urban Mobility Consult, LLC

C. Frank Harscher

Partner, Urban Mobility Consult, LLC

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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