Jeff Rader, AICP

Jeff Rader, AICP is a Principal of Quality Growth Associates (QGA). QGA provides advisory and consulting services for organizations, institutions and governments for smart growth strategies that stimulate new development and mitigate adverse affects of existing or planned development.

He served in many private and public policy development roles for business, government agencies and as a private consultant.   He currently is an elected County Commissioner in DeKalb County, the largest comprehensive local government in Georgia.

Rader has been in transportation, community development, and housing policy since the mid 1990s. He managed regional business infrastructure initiatives, started up a new State agency, and brought a green develop initiative to market at the HBA.  As a public official, he has focused on Atlanta’s first ring suburbs.  He leads DeKalb’s efforts to create Lifelong Communities for an aging population, developing strategies that are sustainable, cost effective and scalable for public service providers.

Jeff Rader, AICP Principal, Quality Growth Associates

Jeff Rader, AICP

Principal, Quality Growth Associates

Decatur, Georgia, United States

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Housing & Community Design
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