James R. (Rod) Wilburn, AICP

Rod Wilburn is founding Principal of J. R. Wilburn and Associates, Inc., and has been in practice since the mid-1970s.  His career has included a wide range of transportation planning, transit planning, and traffic engineering/operations assignments at the corridor/subarea, local, regional and statewide level, conducted predominantly within the Deep South states of Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama.

Mr. Wilburn's professional education and experience blend multimodal transportation and transit planning with engineering skills to provide a fully integrated approach to the project development process. This broad range of experience has given him an excellent grasp of the many complexities involved with planning, designing and constructing transportation improvements.

Mr. Wilburn's project/study experience includes development of comprehensive and long range multimodal transportation plans, corridor studies, circulation and parking studies, freight planning, bicycle and pedestrian planning, alternatives for mixed use and transit oriented developments, "complete streets," and transit feasibility, development and operations studies.  In addition, he has detailed knowledge regarding traditional and innovative funding sources/financing and policy development, and extensive experience engaging officials, stakeholders and the general public in the transportation planning process.

James R. (Rod) Wilburn, AICP Founding Principal,  J.R. Wilburn & Associates, Inc.

James R. (Rod) Wilburn, AICP

Founding Principal, J.R. Wilburn & Associates, Inc.

Greenville, Georgia, United States

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