Alihan Polat

Mr. Polat received a bachelor's degree from Bilkent University Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design in May 2000. After receiving two national competition prizes for Ulus Historic City Center Rehabilitation and Redesigning Kugulupark Projects, he started his professional career as an urban designer and project manager with Karaoglu Landscape Architects. He worked on various projects, including permanent housing for people left homeless by 2 major earthquakes in Turkey on 1999.

On 2002, Alihan received a Masters of Science degree in Architecture and Urban Design from Pratt Institute, New York. At Pratt, he designed a portfolio for Professor Meta Brunzema for the Emerging New York Architects Exhibition at Syracuse University.

After Graduating from Pratt, Alihan became a member of the Advisory Team for the Prime Ministry of Turkey to coordinate the large-scale state development projects in Turkey funded by World Bank and UNDP (United Nations Development Program). The projects consisted of infrastructure and economic development with social integration in underdeveloped parts of the southeastern region of Turkey.

In 2003 Alihan joined Meta Brunzema Architects in New York as an urban designer. He participated in developing an alternative plan for the West Side Rail Yards for Community Board 4 and HKNA (Hells Kitchen Neighborhood Association). The plan was a mixed-use residential and commercial development on a 29 acre site

Alihan joined the ESC in June 2003. He is currently working as a research associate with expertise in 3D Modeling, real time simulation and GIS (Geographical Information System) applications for various urban and community planning projects. 

Among them are 3D modeling and visual simulation of two housing projects in Brooklyn and Environmental Impact Study for the Hudson Yards Far West Midtown Rezoning Plan for the NYC Department of City Planning New York.

Alihan Polat Research Associate,  Environmental Simulation Center

Alihan Polat

Research Associate, Environmental Simulation Center

New York, New York, United States

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