Leon Eplan, FAICP

Mr. Eplan has had over five decades of experience in local, regional, national and international urban planning, serving as consultant to over 200 communities, regions, states and national agencies; and in academia. He was Atlanta’s Commissioner of Planning and Development for 10 years in the 1970’s and 1990’s; president the Southeast’s largest planning consultant firm; served as Director of the City and Regional Planning Program at Georgia School of Technology; and was an adjunct faculty member at Emory University’s Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts.

As a consultant, Mr. Eplan as worked in most areas of professional planning and public policy.  Most notably he has undertaken assignments on a wide variety of transportation modes, neighborhood revitalization and economic development, and in the participation of citizen and public decision-making, locally and nationally.
Representative of Mr. Eplan’s experience include the following:

As Atlanta’s Commissioner of Planning and Development, he shared in the planning and oversight for such functions as transportation, parks and open space, economic development, neighborhood preservation, building codes and inspection, citizen participation, zoning and subdivision approvals, and environmental issues.  He produced the plans for the city’s improvements for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. 

He and his consultant firm, Eric Hill Associates, were the chief urban planning consultants on the design of metropolitan Atlanta’s rapid transit system (MARTA), and later undertook major elements of MARTA’s Environment Impact Statement; Mr. Eplan has been consultant to scores of cities, metro regions, states and Federal agencies (HUD, DOT, Interior, the Corps of Engineers, and the NSF), across this country and abroad. He has represented this country at international meetings and conferences.  During the mid-1990’s, he was appointed by the U. S. Senate to serve on the National Commission on Intermodalism.

Eplan holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in sociology, and a masters degree in regional planning. He undertook doctoral research on the British new town initiatives while enrolled at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Leon Eplan, FAICP Partner, Urban Mobility Consult, LLC

Leon Eplan, FAICP

Partner, Urban Mobility Consult, LLC

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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