Myke Harris

Myke Harris-Long is a independent consultant providing Training and Development, Group Facilitation and Community Engagement Services - Myke has worked with diverse populations including non-profits, government, academia, faith-based, corporate and public sector agencies both locally and nationally.

Prior to establishing herself as an independent consultant, Myke served as Managing Director of the Training and the Neighborhood Investments Departments for the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, Inc. Myke’s work  focused primarily on building the capacity of local Community Development Corporations and community leaders through training and technical assistance; she designed and directed the Community Development Institute for 7-years reaching over 10,000 program participants and presenting over 65 programs of study.

Myke Harris-Long has 20 years experience in facilitation, training and development including design and platform experience; and 14 years of community economic development and non profit management.  She designed and managed the Professional Development Institute for HUD to assist low income residents develop life skills and employment.  Myke established and institutionalized the Atlanta Community-Based Training Consortium.  In addition, she led the development of a college level community and economic development degree program.

Myke Harris Long

Myke Harris


Conyers, Georgia, United States

Civic Engagement
Facilitation & Strategic Planning
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