Cynthia D. Prather

Cynthia D. Prather is the owner of Chancellor Consulting Firm, LLC – CCF, specializing in Intellectual Property/Asset Protection, Lender Compliance, Product Development, Training and Website/Graphic Designs/Branding. Ms. Prather is also the CEO & Co-Founder of Alliance Humanity, Inc., which was incorporated in 2013. Alliance is based out of Gwinnett and will service surrounding counties. Alliance Humanity, Inc. – AHI provides cross-functional services through community outreach programs.  Outreach plans encompass VA Assistance, Uniforms, Foster Care Transitional Services, and Disability Travel Assistance.

Cynthia has been an accomplished corporate professional since the early 1990s in the finance and hospitality industry. Noted as detailed oriented, she routinely received accolades, and promotions based on commitment, trust, loyalty, and performance. Her special attributes include leadership, team building, and inclusion. Ms. Prather is dedicated to creativity, efficiency, and increasing revenue streams. In addition, she is fluent in providing cross-cultural business services.

Cynthia designed and developed the Powered Toy Vehicle with Containment System. Ms. Prather has had a varied and interesting career, with significant experience in business, which aptly prepared her to design and develop the Powered Toy Vehicle with Containment System. Like many successful inventions, the Powered Toy Vehicle with Containment System was born out of personal experience.

The Powered Toy Vehicle with Containment System was conceived in response to Ms. Prather’s observation that children electrically powered “toy” cars would benefit from both a “toy auto alarm” as well as a safety feature to disable them before they enter a dangerous area. When faced with the need for a product that didn’t exist – Ms. Prather, like thousands of talented inventors before her, simply designed one on the spot; hence, brought forth Toy Technologies, Inc.

Cynthia D. Prather Owner/Senior Consultant - Chancellor Consulting Firm, LLC

Cynthia D. Prather

Owner/Senior Consultant - Chancellor Consulting Firm, LLC

Duluth, Georgia, United States

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