Joyce E. King, Ph.D.

Joyce E. King teaches at Georgia State University where she holds the Benjamin E. Mays Endowed Chair of Teaching, Learning and Leadership.  She has served as Provost at Spelman College, Associate Provost at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn and as Chief Diversity Officer at the University of New Orleans, she served as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Diversity Programs.

She was Director of Teacher Education at Santa Clara University in California, her home state, for 12 years, where she was also a member of the California Curriculum Commission.  In her early research, Dr. King noted that K-12 textbooks, lesson plans, and Teacher Education modules routinely start the history of Black people in slavery, not in Africa, and have taught us that Egypt, a cradle of human civilization, is located in the Middle East not Africa! African American learners are taught they have contributed nothing to the production of knowledge, and that abandonment of all Black cultural identity is key to any success in school.  

To remedy this kind of problem, she developed innovative cultural and heritage knowledge programming for young people, including the Songhoy Princess Clubs, International for girls. Dr. King’s publications and educational programs focus on a transformative role for culture in effective teaching and teacher preparation. Her scholarship and educational practice emphasizes “cultural well-being” as a necessary goal in all successful education.

Joyce E.  King, Ph.D. Professor

Joyce E. King, Ph.D.


Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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