Raina Turner

Raina is the organizer of the annual Black Sustainability Summit and her passion for creating healthy, sustainable communities by alleviating economic disparities shifted her career focus from merely advertising the issues to engaging in grassroots education and solution generation. Her organization, Àsùrà, serves as a hub for those of African descent interested in sustainable community development to connect and learn from those already working in industries related to sustainable development. Through the online platform, members can contribute to organizational capacity building and collectively bid for contracts and proposals across the diaspora. The organization also focuses on providing online training and experiential learning opportunities on self-sufficiency.

Raina Turner's unique professional background is a culmination of marketing (digital & traditional), partnership development, cultural diplomacy and Afrikan-centered education. She has worked and studied best practices in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, South Africa, St. Croix, China and Colombia. She has also worked in the field of culturally relevant and STEM education while at Georgia State University and most recently served as Director of Community Engagement & Entrepreneurship for the Center for Civic Innovation.   Ms. Turner started at the center leading the Westside Innovation Lab as Program Manager for the unique, geographic based, social enterprise accelerator.  Engaging nearly 300 residents and stakeholders residing within two Westside zip codes, she regranted a total of $80,000 to eight ventures. She continues enhancing the development of communities across the diaspora by connecting complementary organizations and individuals.

As one of the newest members of the REDES Advisory Board, Ms. Turner is looking forward to offering insight and guidance on how to better integrate diasporan Africans in the development of EcoVillages in the Sahel and beyond.

Raina obtained her B.S. in Marketing and International Business from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is certified in Conceptual Selling (UAB – Miller Heiman), Food Bank Nutrition Policy (UC Berkeley), and Biomimicry – Sustainable Solutions (US EPA). Ms. Turner also sits on a delegation in Washington with the Constituency for Africa, sits on the board of Afrikan Unity Initiative, serves as an elected Unity Council Member for the African Community Center for Unity and Self Determination - Atlanta Division, serves as a member of the African Community Sustainability Collective, organizes the annual Black Sustainability Summit and is a member of the UNIA - Atlanta chapter, Us Lifting Us Economic Development Coop and the Collective Black People's Movement.

Raina Turner Sustainable Development Consultant

Raina Turner

Sustainable Development Consultant

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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