Peter Soyka

Peter Soyka is an environmental management and strategy consultant and founder and President of Soyka & Company, LLC. Since the mid-1980s Peter has been providing strategic planning, operations management, environmental/sustainability management, and environmental systems auditing, analysis, and improvement.  

He provides sustainability strategy and management consulting services to private and public sector clients focusing on improved environmental, organizational, and financial performance emphasizing objective, fact-based analysis.  Mr. Soyka is a recognized expert in this field, and has authored numerous guidance manuals, handbooks, journal articles, project reports, and two critically acclaimed books on organizational sustainability.

Prior to founding Soyka & Company in 2003, Mr. Soyka served in executive positions in two national- scale, publicly traded consulting/engineering firms.  He has developed and overseen hundreds of contracts and projects, ranging from producing quick-turnaround “think pieces” of a few days’ duration to multi-year, multi-million dollar engagements.  Mr. Soyka is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and holds graduate degrees in Environmental Management and Business Administration from Duke University.

A few of his career highlights follow:

  1. Providing strategy and planning advice and services to the E-Enterprise Leadership Council (EELC), a 20-person oversight body comprised of senior U.S. EPA (e.g., deputy assistant administrator) and state (environmental agency commissioner) executives as well as to E-Enterprise professional staff.
  2. Performing a penetrating analysis of barriers to magazine and catalog recycling, results of which enabled trade association clients to obtain regulatory agency approval for new national recycling campaigns, thereby removing the key barrier that had precluded such campaigns for approximately ten years.
  3. For one of the largest commercial banks in the U.S., developing benefit-cost relationships and a supply curve ranking options for reducing its carbon footprint.
  4. Co-authoring a recommended organization-wide “greening” strategy for the U.S. Postal Service.
  5. For the largest U.S. association serving environmental, health, and safety (EHS)/ sustainability professionals, surveying and evaluating current corporate EHS metrics tracking and reporting practices, and the quality and extent of interactions with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment analysts.  
  6. Conceptualizing, building, and validating the first-ever end-to-end life cycle inventory model characterizing the environmental footprint of the U.S. mail system.
  7. For the Energy Star® program, conducting ground-breaking research quantifying the financial benefits of energy efficiency (lighting) upgrades, as well as their direct relationship to corporate operating profitability. These results provided the basis for a major reorientation of the program. 
  8. Devising a framework by which the benefits and costs of formal environmental management system (EMS) implementation within and across a large, complex organization could be estimated prospectively (to inform decision making), as well as in real time throughout the implementation process; Mr. Soyka also published this framework in a leading professional environmental management journal.
  9. Directing a pioneering study defining and documenting a relationship between improved corporate environmental management practices and environmental performance, and market risk and stock prices. The peer-reviewed study received worldwide interest, and was profiled in the Financial Times, New York Times, and other prominent business publications.
  10. Developing a flexible EHS staffing model for NASA, enabling NASA senior management to evaluate and adjust its staffing of the environmental function at Headquarters and Field Centers, producing improved effectiveness and reduced liabilities.
  11. For a $20 billion national energy company, formulating a comprehensive policy-setting framework and facilitating agreement among all company executives and managers.  The framework was adopted by the Board of Directors and put into use nationwide, resulting in improved consistency, credibility, and market access.
  12. Periodically preparing and delivering invited lectures and short courses on environmental finance, sustainability, and other topics at leading academic institutions (e.g., University of Pennsylvania-Wharton School, National Defense University) and professional conferences.


Mr. Soyka is an experienced public speaker, facilitator, workshop leader, and instructor, and has served in these roles in a number of national and international conferences, symposia, workshops, and training sessions on such topics as environmental (or environmental, health, and safety) management systems, environmental performance (or sustainability) indicators, marketing studies, corporate finance and governance, financial aspects of environmental and energy efficiency initiatives, and a variety of other topics.

Peter Soyka President of Soyka & Company, LLC

Peter Soyka

President of Soyka & Company, LLC

Vienna, Virginia, United States

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