Ovie Phillip Mughelli

Ovie P. Mughelli is a polished media correspondent which he began in the early 2000s. He is a professional experienced public speaker. He developed strategies and working relationships with a diverse set of collaborators and teammates as a former accomplished professional athlete.


Ovie’s communications expertise lies in reaching large-scale audiences, promoting environmental sustainability, analyzing and improving program execution and motivating cross-functional teams. He has a proven ability to utilize contacts and media to bring awareness to environmental causes, use public speaking forums to address issues, and effectively reach an otherwise less engaged audience of all demographic sectors through celebrity recognition from the sports arena.


Mr. Mughelli’s accomplishments include signing a national partnership agreement with the US Environmental Protection Agency to support innovative environmental education programs created to grow environmental stewardship across the nation. He was recognized as an Eco-Athlete and ranked second worldwide by Planet Green. Awarded 2009 “Superhero for Earth” award by the Captain Planet Foundation. Honored by Generation Green for the “Long Leaf Award”, which recognizes emerging environmental leaders. He was the closing speaker at the White House Meeting Promoting Sustainability through Sports in 2012 and a featured guest at the 2015 US Department of State Sustainability Award Presentation. 


As the host of the annual Green Football Camp at Porter Gaud High school, in Charleston, SC, Ovie educates youth on practical lifestyle changes and environmental sustainability. This is part of his Greening Efforts for Nation’s Youth where he also Created OMF Green Camps, ECO Challenge, Recycle on the Run and the Green Speaker’s Series.

Ovie Phillip Mughelli Founder, Ovie Mughelli Foundation

Ovie Phillip Mughelli

Founder, Ovie Mughelli Foundation

Duluth, Georgia, United States

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