Njemile Z. Ali

Njemile Z. Ali is an independent writer, editor, and researcher.  Since 2008, she has worked with authors and nonprofit organizations to elevate their communications to the next level.  She conducts voluminous background research and produces organizational and individual profiles, reports, proposals, white papers, academic writings, speeches and articles, as well as fictional content.  Njemile assists authors, academics, CEOs and public relations professionals to discover the essence of their message, and to deliver that message with clarity, grace, and grammatical precision.

Ms. Ali describes herself as an avid student of life, with wide-ranging interests and experiences.  A serial entrepreneur and creator, she co-founded a family business which became one of the largest handcrafted jewelry manufacturing companies in the country; operated her own custom clothier; and designed educational programs for children.  Through these experiences and her propensity for contemplation and self-reflection, she developed a capacity for keen observation and insight.  She applies these skills to her writing, building upon her core belief in the validity and importance of every life story, and zooming in on the genius in every individual.

“Writing is perfect for me.  I’ve always loved reading, celebrating writers, and thinking.  I think, therefore I write.”  Njemile is an alumnus of Albany State University in Albany, Georgia, where she earned undergraduate degrees in Nursing and Health Care Administration, as well as a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.

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Njemile Z. Ali


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