Roy Craft

Roy Craft has had a long and varied career from technical and retail fields to international corporate business to non-profit and higher education. He has simultaneously had strong avocational interests in positive peace, sustainability, education and making. Craft is President of GroupSpace LLC.

For more than two decades, Craft worked in the automotive industry, where he held a number of management and executive leadership positions for Saab and General Motors both in the United States and Japan. Some of his other roles have been as an IT director, teacher of industrial engineering, financial analyst and management consultant and trainer.

Craft led the Regional Council of Churches of Atlanta, a 134-year-old Atlanta based non-profit, which played a major role in Atlanta’s response to Hurricane Katrina. The organization built a coalition, called Standing Together, assisting the 100,000 people who relocated to Atlanta during two weeks in 2005. For these efforts Craft received the Phoenix Award from the Mayor of Atlanta on behalf of the Regional Council.

During the last ten years in higher education, first at Morehouse College and then at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Craft developed programs in sustainability, vocational discernment, leadership development, and furthering STEM education in Georgia K-12 schools. In recent years he has served as one of the organizers of Maker Faire Atlanta, and annual festival that attracts 30,000 plus people in celebration of innovation, invention and learning. Currently he is working to bring an education program in Inter-Cultural Intelligence to Atlanta and the U.S.

Roy draws on a wealth of experience from a career as an executive at an international automobile manufacturer, leading large scale change initiatives in business process integration and distribution network alignment in the U.S., Europe and Asia.  Roy has been an internal and external consultant in strategic planning, fund raising, market development, and organizational development for many corporate, non-profit and community organizations.  His educational background includes an interdisciplinary Bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University and a Master’s in Public Administration from West Virginia University, where he also did Ph.D. studies in Technology Education.

He has also taught welding, machining and foundry to industrial engineering students and has been an auto, truck, bicycle, and small engine mechanic. As a life-long Maker, Roy has also been a glassblower, a printmaker, an organic farmer, a renovator of houses, and built and rebuilt stock cars and motocross bikes.

Study and work in the areas of peace and sustainability across many disciplines have been a life-long avocation for Craft. He worked with M. Scott Peck, M.D., in the late 90’s to help make his Foundation for Community Encouragement sustainable, later developing these ideas further in work with Deepak Chopra, M.D., in 2001 to establish his Alliance for a New Humanity, and in 2005 worked with Jim Wallis to help him re-envision his work in a more consortium based approach. Later in 2009, he worked with David Cooperrider of Case Western Reserve and others to help develop the underlying structure of the National Peace Academy.

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Roy Craft President of GroupSpace LLC

Roy Craft

President of GroupSpace LLC

Jacksonville, Florida, United States

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