Kysha Brown Robinson

If you need a skilled facilitator to guide a group through meaningful interactions that position you to achieve new results, schedule a consult through the Compositions site. If you’re developing a project and want a leader who can bring diverse groups to focused action – go to the site and scroll down for the consult links.

Kysha Brown Robinson is a synergizer and principal of Compositions Consulting.  A strategic planner, coach, and valuable asset on complex projects, she has contributed to local, national and international initiatives. Kysha is sought after for coalition support and coordination because of her distinct abilities to listen to even diverging ideas and find the common commitment. She is known for her unique quality to bring humanity into challenging, competitive spaces. She honors the expertise and wisdom within groups, but she also brings clarity, structure and effectiveness to galvanizing, organizing and producing project results.

An EcoDistricts Accredited Professional with experience dating back to 2003, Robinson is certified in Community Development Finance and brings experience in nonprofit capacity building as a coach and trainer. She facilitates the work of planning and collaborative development, and guides leaders through the process of working with partners and teams to put plans into action.

Kysha Brown Robinson Principal of Compositions, LLC,

Kysha Brown Robinson

Principal of Compositions, LLC,

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Facilitation & Strategic Planning
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