Tuan Nguyen

Mr. Nguyen is a native of New Orleans East, and since he became full time staff in 2007 Mr. Nguyen has secured over $1.2M in grants and loans; on a daily basis he plans, manages and implements 8 projects with budgets exceeding $1.7M total, and provides support to the NOELA Community Health Center.  

Mr. Nguyen oversaw the Alcee Fortier Façade Improvement Program, the creation of VEGGI Farmer’s Cooperative, and worked with the city of New Orleans to complete the Alcee Fortier Streetscape Program.  

Mr. Nguyen is currently working an elderly housing for the community as well as an expansion of VEGGI Farmer’s Cooperative and NOELA Community Health Center.

Tuan Nguyen Executive Director, Mary Queen of Vietnam (MQVN)

Tuan Nguyen

Executive Director, Mary Queen of Vietnam (MQVN)

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Civic Engagement
Facilitation & Strategic Planning
Project Management
Public Health
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