Vicki Z. Lauter

Vicki Z. Lauter, drawing upon her experience working amongst some of the best – and some of worst – people serving at the executive and management levels, understands the importance of hiring, retaining and developing high performers. Believing that you should never settle when it comes to your employees, Strategic Human Insight’s full suite of proven, proprietary processes and tools, was designed to make sure her clients never have to.

Each step of the Strategic Insights System is carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of the client, helping them select the best candidates and maximize the talent within their organizations. Strategic Human Insights:

  1. Assesses your current stage of growth to identify your most pressing challenges and develop an action plan to overcome them.
  2. Benchmarks key roles and responsibilities so there is no confusion about what you need – and expect – from new hires.
  3. Provides scientifically-validated tools and interpretation to assess job candidates for optimal fit.
  4. Develops and implements targeted programs covering every step of employment, from hiring and onboarding to development and succession planning.


Strategic Human Insights provides talent strategies to growing companies by helping them: 

  1. Make better hiring decisions
  2. Improve employee productivity 
  3. Reduce employee turnover 


Vicki is a Certified Professional Behavior and Values Analyst, Certified Retention Specialist, Hartman DNA and is EQ certified.

Vicki Z. Lauter Founder, Strategic Human Insights

Vicki Z. Lauter

Founder, Strategic Human Insights

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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