Catherine Flowers

Catherine Flowers, described as a big picture thinker, is a former executive who currently works as a consultant in Texas and Louisiana. With more than twenty years of successful nonprofit, government and corporate management experience, she is nationally recognized as an industry expert in Economic and Community Development.   

A servant leader with moxie, Catherine is not afraid to serve as a catalyst for change. She was responsible for creating and managing the Department of Neighborhoods for the City of Houston. She was instrumental in engaging thousands of uninsured Texans to ensure their access to healthcare. She has created schools, affordable housing and other various opportunities for communities. Ms. Flowers has raised millions in capital for constituents. She also works closely with decision makers throughout the community representing non-profit organizations, national and local government, and small businesses. Catherine's support and influence helps to build long term capacity to provide direct services to communities in need.   

Although she has served a gamut of clients, her true passion is advocating for those who cannot speak for themselves. She serves as a board member of several non-profit organizations and a charter school as well as a court-appointed special advocate.   

Currently, the word 'inspire' is the focus of her vision board. Long term mission: to win the USTA singles championship in the eighty-year-old division. ‎

Catherine Flowers Independent Consultant

Catherine Flowers

Independent Consultant

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Civic Engagement
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