Dorothea Taylor

T.P. Design Inc. is a design/illustration firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. They specialize in a unique blend of design fused with illustration, a process we call “designustration”.  They design everything from logos and typographic treatments to corporate print and design media including institutional and service brochures, marketing collateral, signage and displays, information graphics, web concepts, surface design/illustration, product packaging and point-of-sale merchandise.

Earlier in her career, Principal Dorothea Taylor served as an assistant editor at the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel. There she honed her skill creating not only design and illustration but also information graphics. Working for the paper, information needed to be presented in a way that was clear and succinct so that the reader could assess it at a glance. At T.P. we were able to further hone that skill working with a local digital communications corporation, DCA, for whom we designed information graphics and brochures.

T.P. Design was established in 1992 but the principals each have over 25 years experience in design and illustration. Over the years we have been called upon for a unique array of projects from brochures and collateral for Coca-Cola, Church’s and Disney to packaging for General Mills, Cartoon Network and Georgia Pacific.  T.P. Design has also created interior display art, which is more fine art in nature, for Publix Supermarket, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell. 

They have a solid reputation as a progressive studio that gives voice and visuals to their client's product or service.

Dorothea Taylor Principal, T.P. Design, Inc.

Dorothea Taylor

Principal, T.P. Design, Inc.

Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States

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