James B. Borders IV

James B. Borders IV is a consultant specializing in organizational development and capacity building for small and emerging cultural and social-service nonprofit corporations.

Borders has previously served as executive director of the Louisiana Division of the Arts; managing director of the National Black Arts Festival; managing director of Junebug Productions (an outgrowth of the legendary Free Southern Theater); founding editor of The New Orleans Tribune; editor of The Black Collegian Magazine; coordinator of major events at the University of Rhode Island; and co-founder of Rites & Reason Theatre at Brown University.

Borders is a graduate of Brown University with both an A.B. and A.M. degree

James B. Borders IV President, JB Borders & Associates

James B. Borders IV

President, JB Borders & Associates

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Facilitation & Strategic Planning
Project Management

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