Lauren Anderson

Lauren is the principal of Lauren C. Anderson Consulting Services, LLC. She focuses on individual and organizational capacity building.  Her practice is informed by her extensive experience in the nonprofit sector as a manager, advocate and board member. Her executive coaching is a practice that creates a safe place for leaders to test assumptions, generate self-discovery and to “get out of the trees” to work and think strategically and proactively. 

Her executive coaching creates a supportive environment that is free of judgment while generating personal accountability. Her perspective and discipline allows individuals and organizations realize their potential and create new possibilities for their lives, work and organizations. Her discipline and experience enable organizations to develop strategic and business plans that become dynamic and meaningful tools for organizational growth. 

Lauren has worked in the nonprofit sector since the beginning of her career in the late 70’s.  She has extensive experience in community development, leadership development, board governance, higher education, public interest law, civic engagement, and social equity. Her work has always been grounded in principles of social and economic justice as well as helping people maximize their potential and opportunities. She now brings this experience to her consulting practice which has a focus on individual and organizational growth and development, executive coaching, transformational leadership, capacity building, strategic and business planning. 

In 1993 she became the CEO of a major community development corporation and remained in that position for 20 years. It had a multimillion dollar budget and a mission to improve the quality of life in the New Orleans area by increasing homeownership, improving the built environment and increasing civic engagement. She was responsible for the development and implementation of all programs including residential mortgage lending, commercial and residential real estate development, community organizing, counseling and education. She successfully led the organization through an unprecedented natural disaster and attracted significant resources to community rebuilding in its aftermath. She became a recognized spokesperson for the region as an advocate for equitable rebuilding and has lessons to teach about resiliency. 

Her early career was in NYC and New Jersey where she practiced public interest law, representing the interests of marginalized persons through impact litigation. In this capacity she worked with the ACLU and other civil rights and civil liberties organizations. She began her career in community development in the 80’s working for the City of Jersey City in the early stages of its redevelopment with a focus on creating affordable housing and inclusionary zoning. 

Throughout her career Ms. Anderson has brought her legal, management, leadership and facilitation skills to a broad array of organizations in the public, private nonprofit and for profit arena. She is an expert facilitator, networker and connector; effectively linking people to people, organizations and resources. 

Ms. Anderson is a magna cum laude graduate of Barnard College. She is also a graduate  of Rutgers School of Law. She earned a professional certificate through Achieving Excellence (2003), a highly selective executive leadership program jointly operated by NeighborWorks® America and Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.  She also has a certificate in the State and Local Government Program at the Kennedy School.  In 2006 she completed the Landmark Education Leadership Program. Most recently she has received training in executive coaching and meeting facilitation. She has taught as an adjunct professor at Rutgers University (juvenile law) and the University of New Orleans College of Urban and Public Affairs (community development and nonprofit collaboration). 

Throughout her career, she has served on innumerable boards, including NJ Civil Liberties Union, Christ Hospital (Jersey City), the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas, the Kenmare School, Bureau of Governmental Research, the Vestry St. Anna’s Episcopal Church and the Committee for a Better New Orleans. She served on the Fannie Mae Housing Impact Advisory Council, Chase Bank Advisory Council and was the Chair of the Consumer Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve Board. She has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the NAACP’s Jersey City Chapter Appreciation award, New Orleans YWCA Role Model award, New Orleans City Business Woman of the Year award and the Young Leadership Council Role Model Award.  

Lauren Anderson  Principal, Lauren C. Anderson Consulting Services, LLC

Lauren Anderson

Principal, Lauren C. Anderson Consulting Services, LLC

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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