Jeffery Thomas, JD

Jeffrey Thomas has legal experience related to shaping government relations strategies, regulatory compliance, and public-private partnerships in the areas of sustainable land use, community disaster recovery, energy and utility management, and natural resource and environmental protection dating back to the early 2000s.

Jeffrey’s expertise in these areas of law is based on direct experience working for and with senior-level federal, state, and local governmental entities to craft legislation, regulations, programs, and innovative funding streams. As a result, Jeffrey has proven success in helping public and private-sector clients structure and administer public-private funding, incentives, and other policy-based solutions, while also assisting clients meet regulatory mandates and harness public resources to assure more sustainable business ventures and development projects.

Jeffrey provides both legal and strategic counsel to maximize project funding and community support, while also ensuring a project aligns with applicable regulatory requirements and local community and economic development aims. Among recent such efforts, Jeffrey coordinated the New Orleans Citizen Sewer, Water & Drainage System Reform Task Force at the behest of the City of New Orleans to recommend infrastructure investment, policy, and governance strategies to increase the resiliency and efficiency of the city’s water and storm water flood protection systems. Additionally, Jeffrey is working with public and private-sector clients nationwide to cultivate partnerships, governmental programs, organizational strategic plans, and economic investment initiatives related to disaster recovery, climate adaptation, and urban reinvestment.

Jeffrey also provides legal counsel to public and private-sector clients on a variety of governance and regulatory matters related to rebuilding communities after major disasters. After Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Region, Jeffrey supervised policy development to advance the City of New Orleans’ long-term disaster recovery, including helping shape governmental operations and programs to coordinate the use of over $1 billion in federal funds from FEMA, HUD, Treasury, and other sources. Jeffrey now advises other communities on governance and implementation strategies, along with providing regulatory compliance, relative to using public-private funding and other resources to spur reinvestment in post-disaster housing, economic and commercial development, public infrastructure, community resilience, and environmental protection. 

Jeffrey is a graduate of Tulane Law School; and graduate of Millersville University (PA), with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and is based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Jeffery Thomas, JD Principal, Thomas Strategies, LLC

Jeffery Thomas, JD

Principal, Thomas Strategies, LLC

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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