Nicholas Hoo

Nicholas Hoo is a media professional with skills in graphic design, web development, video production including broadcasting and streaming live productions and developing brand materials. Nick has worked with brands such as BET, Nike, and NCAA.

Through the Neo Media Group, Mr. Hoo has consulted with corporate and high net worth clients on a variety of media-related projects. Media consulting projects include: developing corporate brand identity, re-branding of non-profit websites and designing marketing collateral. Core services include brand analysis, graphic design, and web development.

He also serves as a preferred vendor of video production and online services for corporate clients and specialty agencies. Sample clients include political consulting firms, media distribution, and broadcasting companies and more. Media production projects include NCAA sports broadcasting, video PSA for the AIDS Foundation's "Ryan White Act" and branding for state political campaigns. 

Nick has facilitated the successful completion of media operation projects throughout the Southeast. Services include project management, sourcing talent, and operations director.

Nicholas Hoo Media Consultant, NeoMedia Group & Day Dreamer Academy

Nicholas Hoo

Media Consultant, NeoMedia Group & Day Dreamer Academy

Norcross, Georgia, United States

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