Karen Hoo

Karen Hoo has co-founded A Solutions Group, and leads the company in providing Compliance and Executive Life Coaching for businesses through transforming organizations from failure to success, company employee compatibility, bridging communication between team members separated by distance, connecting relationships between managers and employees, organizing and developing leaders, leader competency, and ensuring that state and federal policies, procedures, and standards surpass requirements. 

With a strong knowledge in Compliance requirements, Karen has championed several companies over the past 9 years to unsurpassable levels of success by assuring that set government standards and quality of operations excelled expectations and increasing bottom lines and securing business longevity. Karen's wealth of experience and strength in research provided the ability to transcend goal benchmarks by developing systems for document regulation, customer satisfaction measurement, and organized functionality, while improving overall staff morale and consumer confidence.

In 2005, Karen Hoo became the co-owner of Neogate LLC and spearheaded the company to recognition and contracts with organizations such as Turner Broadcasting Systems and the NCAA, by team building, developing business relationships, and structural organization. In 2009, Karen left the company to become the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of A New Day LLC Counseling Center to fulfill her dreams of helping people find their place in life, both personally and professionally.

Karen helped the company to reach renowned success by establishing team cohesiveness, assisting in creating a system put in place to meet successfully state and federal criteria and quality of service, developing leaders, strategic planning, company organization, helping to develop satisfaction evaluations for employees and consumers, and business development, until the company's lucrative sale in 2013.

Karen Hoo Co-founded & COO, A Solutions Group

Karen Hoo

Co-founded & COO, A Solutions Group

Norcross, Georgia, United States

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