Lisa Ponce de Leon

Lisa has an extensive background in community/constituency relations. She served as Community Relations Manager for BP following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill with responsibility for developing and executing strategy, outreach to community constituencies, creating cooperative relationships with public interest groups, community engagement, and recommending key community outreach opportunities.

Lisa also served as the director of international business relations for the city of New Orleans. She was responsible for identifying opportunities in the area of economic and international business development to secure a better future for New Orleans and its residents. In this role and others, Lisa has worked closely with officials from federal and state governments, as well as representatives of foreign governments to organize, coordinate, and serve as a liaison between the City of New Orleans and the Hispanic community, as well as local, national and international development organizations.

During her time as director, Lisa implemented the protocol for international relations, received delegations from around the world, and coordinated visits of foreign trade missions to New Orleans. She holds a number of certifications as an english/Spanish language interpreter.  

Lisa also has a number of awards including having been ranked in Valores Top 100 Hispanics of New Orleans and voted Spanish-American Business Association “Hispanic Businessperson of the Year.” Lisa received her BA, Sociology from the University of New Orleans.

Lisa Ponce de Leon Business Relations Consultant

Lisa Ponce de Leon

Business Relations Consultant

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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