Jane Arsenault, MBA

Jane Arsenault has worked in the nonprofit sector since 1977.  She began her career in the sector as Executive Director of Opportunities for Women in RI after working in state and municipal government for several years.  She became the Director of Evaluation at the United Way of Southeastern New England in 1980 and founded one of the first management assistance programs in the US in 1982.  

As part of a national work team that produced The Boardwalk Series for United Way America, she authored four volumes of materials that provided the foundation for a nationwide effort to increase the skills of nonprofit Boards.  Jane moved into private practice in 1985 and has worked as a consultant ever since.    

During the early years of her practice, she concentrated on planning and evaluation.  This led to working with foundations and government on several studies of community issues such as access to basic needs and legal services for persons with AIDS, work that spurred her interest in collaborative models.  As this interest intensified, she became more and more involved in the creation of strategic alliances in the sector, leading eventually to the publication of Forging Nonprofit Alliances published as a volume of the Nonprofit Management Series of Jossey Bass in 1998, the first book published in the US and Canada on the consolidation of the nonprofit sector.  

Since 1999, in addition to her practice in the northeastern US, Jane has worked extensively in the New Orleans area (both pre and post Katrina), the East Coast of the US and in Canada.  Highlighted sample projects include:

(1) a variety of supports to the emergence of Rhode Island’s system of care for children with physical and behavioral health issues including a feasibility study for the expansion of respite services for families with Children with Special Health Care Needs;

(2) work with the Province of Alberta on issues related to consolidation of the service system for persons with developmental disabilities;

(3) the formation of several collaborative networks: The Ocean State Network for Children and Families, a child welfare entity; The Warwick 13, a placed based initiative to integrate human services in a single community, and the East Bay Adult Education Network.  

Her work in building collaborative models includes: joint ventures, management service organizations, service networks, parent corporations and several successful mergers.  In recent years, she has authored several research studies including:

(1) a study of services provided to battered women on behalf of the RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence;

(2) a study of funding models for persons with disabilities for the Province of Alberta; and

(3) a study of United Ways seeking to adopt community impact models.  

Jane has supported strategic planning for both small and large non-profit organizations over many years. She has significant experience as an evaluator for foundation and federal grants.  She teaches and trains in a variety of venues about 200 hours per year.  

Jane has an MBA from the Executive MBA Program of the University of RI and a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a double major in English and Philosophy from Hunter College.

Jane Arsenault, MBA Principal, Fio Partners, LLC

Jane Arsenault, MBA

Principal, Fio Partners, LLC

Lincoln, Rhode Island, United States

Facilitation & Strategic Planning

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