Adelaide Steedley

Adelaide has spent her entire career in the community development field.  For most of that time, she has worked with US-based national non-profit mission-driven organizations that assist community-based organizations to expand the availability of affordable housing for low income families in communities across the country.  She currently directs the affordable land + housing data centre, an initiative of the FinMark Trust, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Prior to relocating to South Africa, she was the Chief Operating Officer of Social Compact, a Washington DC-based national non-profit organization whose mission is to promote information-led investment in lower-income communities with its unique data and market analytics and public-private networks.  Social Compact addresses these issues through its inner-city neighborhood market analysis, the DrillDown, and through municipal and community trainings and consulting, and contributions to community development innovation.

Prior to that, Adelaide was Director of Grants for Enterprise Community Partners, a national non-profit intermediary that, in 2007 invested over $1 billion in grants, loans, equity, and technical assistance to organizations working to improve hundreds of urban and rural communities.  She directed the implementation of their two largest grant programs, allocating over $10 million in grants annually.  She became Deputy Director of their Baltimore office in 2007. 


Originally from Atlanta, Adelaide relocated to Boston, Massachusetts in 1989 after graduate school to work in community development.  She began as a project manager for a community-based non-profit developer in Dorchester, Boston’s largest neighborhood.  Over the next ten years, she worked for the city of Boston to underwrite large scale multi-family developments, and the New England district office of NeighborWorks, another national community development intermediary, supporting 30 community-based nonprofits in six states before relocating to Baltimore in 2000.  

She has served as a consultant to several national non-profit public/private investor partnerships.  In 2008, she became a life fellow of the Emerging Leaders Program, a joint fellowship of Duke University and the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business.


Skills Include:


  1. Expertise in data-driven decision making: directing strategy and business outcomes using data and indicators; measuring impact; building business intelligence platforms, driving indicators from very large disparate datasets; mapping, trending, comparative analyses;
  2. Expertise in organizational management: business planning and implementation, financial management and organizational assessment and capacity-building skills to manage rapid change, anticipate market shifts, and monitor performance;
  3. Extensive experience in community development finance in multiple contexts: program and product development to support the creation of large-scale rental to scattered homeownership, mixed-use, mixed-income, mixed financing;
  4. Proven ability to build consensus across multiple agendas and interests: manage stakeholder engagement and communicate complicated information across a variety of reference points

Adelaide Steedley Director, Affordable land + Housing Data Centre

Adelaide Steedley

Director, Affordable land + Housing Data Centre

Johannesburg, South Africa

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