Chevelle Hall, Ph.D.

Dr. Chevelle Hall is currently the department chair of Health, Physical Education and Recreation at Hampton University, Hampton, Va. She has a doctoral degree in Sport Administration with a cognate in Organizational Behavior.

Before she transitioned to higher education, she served as an education administrator in Tallahassee, Florida.  As a principal, it was her responsibility to implement policies and procedures, serve as a liaison between parents and the community and recruit qualified professionals to work with children at the primary and secondary level.  During her tenure, not only did she develop extensive leadership skills, but it was her job to increase enrollment by using a multitude of marketing techniques.

As a faculty member and Department Chairperson, she serves on several committees, advises students and has successfully implemented several programs promoting leadership for students and faculty.  She has also presented data based research at several conferences internationally (Cyprus, Italy, Greece, England) nationally and regionally.

Her research focus initially centered on university matters, however, her current focus has been on leadership building, democracy, human rights issues and health promotion and policy. In 2010, she received a research fellowship with the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy to conduct research on the role of sports in human rights issues and democracy. In 2012, she served as a visiting professor with the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) during the summer.

Chevelle Hall, Ph.D. Chair, Health, Physical Education & Rec Hampton University

Chevelle Hall, Ph.D.

Chair, Health, Physical Education & Rec Hampton University

Hampton, Virginia, United States

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