Leigh Askew-Elkins

Leigh Askew-Elkins joined the Fanning Institute in October 2005 to manage the public input process of the Statewide Water Management Planning process. Working with a diverse group of basin advisory committee and state advisory committee members, Leigh spent much of her time facilitating their efforts and providing reports to the Environmental Protection Division regarding the discussions of the water management plan. She also worked collaboratively to oversee the writing of the water management plan, and led efforts on twenty-two town hall meetings where the Water Council received extensive public comment on the proposed plan. 

In addition to the water management plan, Leigh has worked on myriad projects, including: Department of Natural Resources projects in coastal Georgia; Project Riverway, a class at UGA that addresses environmental and economic issues along the lower Chattahoochee River; brownfield redevelopments; and engaging stakeholders in the land use planning process. She also leads Fanning's efforts with two Department of Community Affairs' programs: Communities of Opportunity and Quality Growth Resource Teams. 

Before joining Fanning, Leigh was with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs’ Office of Environmental Management where she worked to create, launch and manage the WaterFirst Community Program, and was a recipient of the Governor's Team Award for Outstanding Service to the State of Georgia in 2005 for creating and organizing the state's first Children's Water Festival. Prior to that, she spent nearly four years in Washington, DC with the national nonprofit river conservation group, American Rivers.

Leigh has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Analysis and Policy from Boston University and a Master of Landscape Architecture with a Certificate in Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development from the University of Georgia.

Leigh Askew-Elkins Public Service Associate,  Fanning Institute, University of Georgia

Leigh Askew-Elkins

Public Service Associate, Fanning Institute, University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia, United States

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