Jon Atkinson

Jon Atkinson leads Seedco Financial lending efforts in New Orleans and the surrounding region.  He works with a variety of clients and local lenders to help small business owners prepare for and locate the best source of debt capital. Seedco Financial is an alternative lender specializing in working with small business that create jobs and help strengthen their communities.  Seedco Financial targets clients with loan needs between $50,000 and $350,000 that have at least 12 months of operations and a proven business model.  As a cash flow focused lender, Seedco Financial works with clients in a spectrum of high risk industries, and clients that cannot get bank loans due to insufficient collateral, lack of secondary sources of repayment, or volatile operating history.  Seedco Financial works with very closely with clients to really understand their business and get approvals where other lenders can not.

Prior to joining Seedco Financial, Jon worked in Commercial Banking for Hancock Bank of Louisiana and managed an upscale restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Jon is a graduate of Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business with an MBA specializing in strategic management and entrepreneurship.  Jon Also holds a B.A. in Economics from Davidson College in Charlotte, NC.

Jon is a regular volunteer with Social Entrepreneurs of New Orleans and the Idea Village and is a board member and past president of St. Claude Main Street as well as Advisory Board Chair and Founder of the Changemaker Institute at Tulane.

Jon Atkinson Propeller - A Force for Social Change, Accelerator Consultant

Jon Atkinson

Propeller - A Force for Social Change, Accelerator Consultant

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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