Alyssa Stewart-Lee

Since 1995, Alyssa Stewart Lee has championed community economic development by creating "sidewalks" between companies and communities, the profit motivation and the common good, and underserved communities and services that improve city life. 

In 2015 she founded Sidewalks Group, a consultancy that focuses on creating value by connecting and building on community assets. Our research and advisory services focus on equity, economic development, health impact, real estate and urban planning. 

Clients benefit from Alyssa's cross-sector leadership expertise in the private sector, government, and not-for-profits. Her work, and that under her direction, has produced recommendations and findings that support local economic development and policy (with Social Compact and LAM Design), national policy discourse and legislation (with Pew, Brookings, and National Park Service), optimal business locations to match employment needs (with Cushman & Wakefield) among other discrete outcomes.

Alyssa has developed partnerships and collaborations with diverse organizations to support specific initiatives. Well-versed in the customized needs and value proposition of various audiences, she has developed and led major conferences and convenings with over 200 participants, invitation-only events to develop national agendas with top thought leaders and practitioners, and direct partnerships with key organizations.

 Beyond her technical skills and knowledge, her passion, keen operational and strategic focus are differentiating factors in the success of her work. 

Alyssa Stewart-Lee Community Development Consultant

Alyssa Stewart-Lee

Community Development Consultant

Washington, DC, District of Columbia, United States

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