Letter from Our Founder

Letter from our founder:

Welcome to Liquid Studios, the next 20-year brand for The MXD Collaborative, Inc.  

Founded in 1992, MXD is on the outer edge of the first 20-years of service to communities. Twenty years ago we envisioned professional "collaboration" as one of the most productive working models for advancing community development. Now that "collaboration" as a "way-of-being" and working has caught on more broadly in public and private language, MXD is evolving this decades old concept for the 21st century and the next generation.

We embarked on this next generation of community development support in the form of collaborative "Studios."  We have been working towards the creation of "L.I.Q.U.I.D" since 2006. Now that community development trends have caught up to this vision, we have decided the time is right to formally launch "Liquid Studios."

In late 2009 early 2010, we reached out to dozens of our fellow professionals to participate in a response to a request for proposals (RFP).  At the suggestion of "Studio" members we decided to keep the dynamic team of professionals together to continue offering assistance to communities.

Thus we are launching Liquid Studios [www.liquidstudios360.com] as the 21st century MXD brand. The focus of Liquid Studios is to support stakeholders on the ground across multiple interest areas so they can implement their shared visions. We provide this support through our continued collaborative model but geared toward development of local capacity for local innovations, skills and talent to take root and be sustained. This is a 360 degree approach to place making.

This is the vision and model as we move into the next 20-years of collaborative support for local innovations in communities.

We look forward to continuing to help stakeholders on the ground make their communities better.


M von Nkosi
M von Nkosi
Founder, Liquid Studios
"Welcome to Liquid Studios. We are always excited about providing 360 degrees of opportunities for people and places. Please tap on Management, Impact, Leadership & Organization, Metrics & Measures and Sustainability below to learn about our studios..."